project: corporate video
client: GLORAX Development
made in the project: idea, scenery, copywriting, 3D, animation, videoproduction
год: 2018

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The main idea of the video is the image of the company as an art object, the highest form of which is a person. The unit of measurement, the unit of proportion, the unit of relationship – the person. The beginning of the beginning and the final point of the application of forces – a person. The person-customer – the person-performer. The artist is a spectator. The canvas is a creation.

At the heart of the basics is a person, with his rich, unique world. A world of fantasies, goals, and talents. To value a person is to enrich your company with their talents. Multiply values. True, stable values cannot be based on the non-acceptance of a person as a basis. Neither technology, nor technology, nor business, nor progress can change the original starting point-a person.

The visual basis of the video is sculpture in architecture. The process of creation. The person, body parts, guiding shapes, and gestures. Interweaving of individual parts of the composition with threads, ropes. The interaction of the parts of the sculpture by means of ropes. Multi-layered white and blue ropes, as an image of the connection between people: companies, customers, partners and projects. During the video, the “body” of the company is formed.

Glorax Development is one of the TOP 5 developers in St. Petersburg.